Corporate Photographer at PyongChang 2018

Our 10thOlympic Games as a corporate photographer was every bit as challenging and exciting as the others.

Working as a corporate photographer with a top sponsor at an Olympic Games is always both a special assignment and a major challenge. No two Olympics are the same, every experience unique.

The PyongChang Winter Olympic Games were the coldest I’ve ever experienced.  With daytime temperatures routinely pushing past the -20C (-4F).  Such conditions are hard on both personal and equipment.

The Opening Ceremony was especially trying. Sitting in an open stand in -23C (-10F) for over 3 hours are as harsher conditions as I’ve experienced anywhere. Doing my best Michelin Man impression with multiple layers to expel the cold and operating cameras was some fun indeed. I even had a blanket to keep the cold off my trusty Nikon gear.

I’ve worked as a corporate photographer with the same client at multiple Olympic Games and have tailored a package that exactly suits their requirements.

Slideshows –  constantly updated with the latest guest and event photos displayed in key areas.

Bespoke online photo gallery – powered by Smugmug with all the event and guest photos. The client and their guests can access online, view, download and share photos.  We track the hits for client reports and password protect the guest galleries for security.

The lot of a corporate photographer on these assignments, means many long, cold hours, constant deadlines, hours of travel between venues and good old fashioned hard work.

But the rewards are worth the hard work.

Looking forward now to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

Opening Ceremony Pyong Chang 2018

South Korea and Olympic flags at PyongChang 2018 Opening Ceremony

Olympic Flame at Opening Ceremony Pyong Chang 2018

Speed skaters Pyong Chang 2018

North Korean Cheer Leaders, Pyong Chang 2018

Changdeokgung Palace Seoul